Bandai Metal Robot Damashii Z Gundam Ka Signature Side MSZoom

Bandai Metal Robot Damashii Z Gundam Ka Signature Side MS

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The Z Gundam now gets a brand-new Metal Robot Damashii release in the Ka Signature lineup, directly supervised by Hajime Katoki! It's made with a movable metal frame with die-cast parts, and it can be transformed into its Wave Rider form; its posability is smooth and natural. It's armed with its Hyper Mega Launcher, Beam Rifle and more, and it even comes with die-cast landing gear so you can display the Wave Rider form in parked mode. The grenade launcher is equipped with a cartridge replacement function; the Beam Saber's assertively sized blade means action poses with extra impact! Don't miss out on this spectacular Gundam -- order yours today! [Size]: Approximately 14cm tall [Materials]: ABS, PVC, die-cast [Set Contents]: Main figure Interchangeable hands (left and right, x4 each) Replacement antenna (x2 -- closed, movable) Hyper Mega Launcher Beam Rifle Beam Saber (x2) Beam Saber blade (x2) Beam Saber blade (large) Hyper Mega Launcher connection joint Joint set Base set Landing gear parts set (Dimensions) 12"W x 9"H x 2.5"D.
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